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League Rules

Important Documents

League Rules

In Brief:

  • 45 Minute Halves
  • Unlimited Substitutions during throw-ins and goal kicks only (see restrictions)
  • Shin Guards Required
  • Numbered Jerseys Required
  • Show ID to referee to check into game
  • Minimum 8 matches per season plus playoffs

The Details

General Game Play

All FIFA rules apply unless otherwise stated. Games will consist of two 45 minute halves (slightly shorter games may be required if time is limited). Each team may play up to 11 players, including the goal keeper. Teams may substitute players during throw-ins where they possess the ball and on any goal kick. In addition, if an opponent makes a substitution on their throw-in, the opposing team shall be able to make a substitution as well. Substitutes must come to the middle of the field to notify the referee and cannot enter the field of play until granted permission by the referee. There is no limit to the number of substitutions that may be made.


Goal keepers adhere to normal FIFA rules: hands allowed inside the box; punts, drop-kicks, and throws are permitted; hands not allowed on obvious passes from other players on their own team via feet or throw-ins. Five second holds (referee discretion).

Slide Tackling

Slide-tackling is now allowed per FIFA rules.

Wins, Ties, and Points

Wins are worth three points, ties are worth one point, and losses are worth zero points. Regular season games end at regular time regardless of the score (i.e., a tie may result). If the score is tied at the end of regular time in a playoff game, then the game shall be decided by a penalty-shootout consisting of five-shots per round until one team is the winner of that round and thus the game

Roster Printing

On game day, captains are responsible for printing their roster from the league website and providing it to the referee. Any hand written player will be considered a guest player (see guest player policy). Failure to provide a printed roster will result in your team forfeiting the match.

Guest Players

Guest players are welcome to participate in regular season play, as long as they sign a waiver and their names and numbers are properly recorded in the game roster. Also, any team may not use guest players to increase their active player count above 18. Guest players are not permitted to play during playoff games. Only rostered players will be permitted. A "rostered" player is someone who paid a part of the team fees at the beginning of the season, or all of the following: 1) is not a rostered player of any other team in the league, 2) participated in at least two regular season games for that same team, and 3) is entered into the roster via the website prior to the start of playoffs.

Jerseys and Equipment

Shin Guards are Required. Any referee or officer may ask a player to remove jewelry deemed unsafe. All players are required to have a numbered jersey, and ensure that the game roster accurately connects the jersey number to the player's name. If players do not have a numbered jersey (especially guest players), they must fashion a number out of black or white tape on the back of their shirt and have that number recorded in the roster. Home teams are listed first on the schedule. If teams are wearing similar color jerseys, the home team is responsible to wear an alternate color for that match. The jersey number requirement can be relaxed in this case only. Captain's Armbands are now recommended for captains.


If a team does not have at least 7 players available at the scheduled start of the game, the opposing team may accept a win by forfeit (worth 3 points and recorded as a 3-0 win). The forfeiting team will thus lose their deposit, as agreed during league signup. Note our policy on Guest players above. Please note that a forfeiture may also occur if you fail to provide a printed team roster to the referee or if an ineligible player is found to be participating.


Because field time is not free, rainouts cannot be rescheduled. While we do everything possible to make up missed games, but this is not guaranteed. Team captains will be notified of a cancellation in a timely manner. It is their responsibility to inform the rest of their team of the cancellation.


While we will try to include everyone in the playoff tournament, the availability of fields and the number of teams may make this impossible. Tournament participants will be decided by their rank at the end of the regular season. Rank is determined by the number of points earned from games played. If extenuating circumstances cause some team to play less games than others, ranking will determined on a points-per-game basis. Ties will be broken by the result of their regular season matchup, and in the event of a tie there or no-game played, +/- scores are used for comparison. A maximum of 5 points per game can be attributed to the final +/- score. Further ties are broken by Bookings, then Goals For, then a coin-flip if necessary. The actual format for playoffs may change from season to season depending on division size and field-time available.

Promotion and Relegation

As the league expands, Casa will add multiple skill divisions, to improve the quality of play and enjoyment for everyone. Two teams will be promoted from a lower division to the next higher division at the end of the regular season. One of these teams will be the 1st place finisher by rank at the end of the regular season. The other team will be the winner of the playoff tournament. In the event that the playoff winner and regular season winner are the same, the 2nd place finisher at the end of the regular season will be the second team to get promoted. This system rewards consistency during the regular season, as well as a playoff victory. Typically, there will be as many relegations from a higher division to a lower division as there are promotions. However, in a growing league, we reserve the right to relegate fewer teams in order to increase the size of a division the following season. Each season, we anticipate two promotions, and one relegation, to foster growth. The relegated teams will be the bottom ranking teams at the end of the regular season in a given division. However, these teams may save themselves from relegation by winning the playoff tournament. In such a case, the next highest ranking team will be relegated in their place. However, this saving grace has not yet happened in 14 season of Casa history

All-Star Team

From time to time we may form an all-star team to honor our top players and promote our great league. The team may play against other area teams or travel for tournaments. Costs will be borne by the participants but will not be prohibitive. Casa reserves the right to select nominees as they please, but will generally allow team captains to nominate a certain number of players on their behalf.

Yellow and Red Card Policy

Any red card shown requires immediate suspension from the remainder of the current game. If the red card was not the result of two yellow cards, but was instead a "straight red", then the player shall have an automatic additional suspension of the game immediately following the game in which the card was issued. The referee can (and often will) recommend additional game suspensions depending on the severity of the circumstances involved. The ombudsman shall consider the testimony of the referee and the affected parties and recommend a course of action to the Officers and President of the league, be it a warning, an extended suspension, expulsion, or fines if equipment was damaged or stolen. Four cumulative yellow cards during the season shall result in an automatic suspension of the game following the 4th card. Once this action has been taken, after two more cards are received, an additional game suspension is given. Details on extra suspensions and our disciplinary procedure can be found in the Disciplinary Code.

Overturning Calls

The referees have the final authority in all calls and game-time decisions. Please be respectful and show good sportsmanship. The league president has the final say in all disputes outside the game itself, and will not overrule any calls made by the referees.


If you have a serious dispute, please make a record of the dispute with the referee, and contact the ombudsman after the game in writing with a discription of the event. We will not override calls made by the referees but may have to take special action in some rare circumstances. However, please understand that this is a recreational league, so please be reasonable and sportsmanlike about your requests.

Current Casa Disciplinary Code

A Note about Female Players

Based on the overwhelmingly positive responses of participants, we will continue the Casa Tradition of having a "gender neutral" approach to our league. This means there is no minimum number of female players required. We encourage all players who are ready to play at a competitive level to join up and have a good time!

Concussions Policy

Soccer is a physical sport and contact with the ball, other players, the ground or goal post can lead to head injuries. While we want people to play hard and have fun, Casa takes these injuries seriously. As such, Casa in line with many other sports league has a concussion policy. If a player has been diagnosed as having a concussion or at any point during a match there is loss of consciousness or at any point a referee, coach/manager, or Casa Board Member observes a player for which someone has a reasonable concern for concussion, that player should be removed from the match immediately and will not be allowed to return to play in any Casa game until the league ombudsman receives a letter of medical clearance for return to play from a licensed physician (i.e. MD or DO). While we doe not expect referee's, coaches/managers and board members to be experts at identifying concussion, they should familiarize yourself with signs of a concussion taken from the Mass Medical Society Coaches Sideline Evaluation Guide:

"A common assumption is that an athlete must be 'knocked out' to sustain a concussion. That is not true. Any change in mental status or function associated with head injury qualifies as a concussion. Unconsciousness is clearly a severe injury. Amnesia (loss of memory) following head trauma is a more severe sign of concussion. The classic 'having your bell rung' commonly occurs and is often ignored, which is a serious oversight... Symptoms of a concussion may include confusion, dizziness, nausea, vomiting, headache, blurred or double vision, vacant stare, ringing in the ears, poor coordination, loss of balance, sensitivity to light and noise, flashing lights, personality changes including emotional instability/behavior (anger, crying, and anxiety), feeling sluggish, slurred speech, or loss of memory. Most [athletes] won't come to you and complain of these symptoms. Watch out for the athlete who just sits and stares, seems to be a step behind where he or she usually is, blows a routine play, or just doesn't look right to you... If you suspect an athlete may have a concussion, he or she should be evaluated by a physician. When in doubt, sit them out!"

More information on concussions can be found at the CDC and a checklist from the CDC and USA_Soccer can be found here.

Team managers, board members and refs should report potential concussions and return to play letters to the league by emailing Medical clearance letters need to be submitted to the league at least three days prior to the match (NO EXCEPTIONS) to allow us to time to update our records and get the information to refs.

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