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Sunday, July 24 2016 11:06 am

Charity Tournament - Day 2 Schedule (Playoffs)
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Casa Soccer League of Boston Here is the schedule for the first round of playoffs next Saturday (July 30) for the second and last day of our Charity Tournament!

(1) French Connection vs. (8) Cambridge FC

(2) LaVino vs. (7) FC Davis

(3) Sidekicks vs. (6) AFC Bournemouth

(4) Boston Villa FC vs. (5) Norwich City FC

All games will start at 10 AM at Winsor. Good luck to everyone!

We invite everyone to come out and enjoy food and drink specials at The Mission Bar and Grill (724 Huntington Ave) after the games!

Sunday, July 24 2016 11:00 am

Charity Tournament - Day 1 Results
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Casa Soccer League of Boston Here are the results from a very exciting and fun-filled day of games yesterday:

Round 1

French Connection (2) vs. Boston Villa (0)

Sidekicks (2) vs. Davis (1)

LaVino (3) vs Cambridge FC (0)

Norwich City FC (1) vs. AFC Bournemouth (1)

Round 2

Davis (0) vs. AFC Bournemouth (0)

Sidekicks (7) vs. Norwich City FC (2)

French Connection (7) vs Cambridge FC (1)

LaVino (6) vs Boston Villa (0)

Round 3

Sidekicks (5) vs. AFC Bournemouth (1)

Boston Villa (3) vs. Cambridge FC (0)

French Connection (2) vs. Davis (1)

LaVino (2) vs. Norwich City FC (0)

Round 4

LaVino (2) vs. Sidekciks (1)

French Connection (7) vs. AFC Bournemouth (1)

Boston Villa (1) vs Davis (0)

Norwich City FC (4) vs. Cambridge FC (4)

Monday, July 11 2016 10:05 pm

Charity Soccer Tournament - Accepting Teams & Individuals!
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Casa Soccer League of Boston Casa Soccer League of Boston will be hosting its inaugural Charity Co-Ed Soccer Tournament on Saturday July 23 and Saturday July 30! Come out and enjoy some soccer at a beautiful location in Boston that will benefit a worthwhile local non-profit organization!

We are accepting both teams and individuals (anyone who is over 18 can participate). Here are the details:

Dates: Saturday July 23 and Saturday July 30

Time: 10:00 AM - 1:30 PM both days

Location: Winsor (near Fenway in Boston). Easily accessible by T, but we will have a limited free parking lot as well.

Format: 7 v 7

# Games per Team: 7 total (each game is 30 minutes - two 15 minute halves; Each team will play 4 games on July 23 and 3 games on July 30). Each game will have 1 certified ref

Cost: $300 per team. Individual fee will be $30 per person.

Charity to benefit: Second Chance Shelter in Boston

If you are interested, please email us at:

Monday, July 11 2016 01:13 am

Congratulations to Suffolk Hotspur and LaVino!
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Casa Soccer League of Boston We had the pleasure of watching two exciting Finals on Saturday!

Primera division featured LaVino against French Connection! LaVino was seeking its first ever win in a Casa Final, whereas French Connection was seeking to defend its title victory in the Fall 2015 Final. French Connection scored in the first half with an amazing bicycle kick (see video on Casa's Facebook page). But LaVino equalized late in the second half with an outstanding volley from about 18 yards away!

The game went to overtime, where LaVino scored the winner off a corner kick to claim its first-ever title with Casa! Congratulations to LaVino!

Our Segunda Final featured two newcomers to the league this season, Sidekicks versus Suffolk Hotspur.

The game's first goal came from Suffolk being awarded a PK (see video on our Facebook page). This was followed by an amazing shot from near midfield which looped just over the outstretched arms of the Sidekicks goalie. The first half came to an end, with Suffolk Hotspur up 2 - 0.

Although Sidekicks had numerous shots on net and did a fantastic job of mounting attacks against Suffolk, they were unable to penetrate Suffolk's stubborn defense. Suffolk was able to add two more goals, before Sidekicks finally managed to break through.

The game finished 5-1 for Suffolk Hotspur, and they will be promoted to our Primera Division! Congratulations Suffolk!

Saturday, July 9 2016 02:18 pm

Posted by Casa Soccer League of Boston...

Casa Soccer League of Boston Today (Saturday July 9) is the Casa Soccer League of Boston Spring 2016 Finals!

Primera features LaVino (3) vs. French Connection (5)

Segued features Sidekicks (3) vs Suffolk Hotspur (4)

Both games are at 10 AM at Winsor in Boston. Come check out some great soccer action!!!!

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