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News for month of 2012-5

Sunday, May 20 2012 08:29 am

Week 5/19 Results
Posted by Casa Soccer League of Boston...

Casa Soccer League of Boston Wow. Sick day for Casa Boston, with some sick weather to go with it. Lot's of good matchups hitting the Winsor Campus and the fans continue to come out and check out the action. As we head into the Memorial Day Weekend break, teams are starting to show urgency for those three points with each game becoming more and more important for the tables.

Primera Action - Minutemen FC v. NE Nor'Easters FC started off the action. This one got off to a quick start with the Nor'Easters hitting from inside early on. But Lincoln Hurney hit two from the top of the box, and Brad Smith finished on a break to put Minutemen FC up 3-1 with about 5 minutes left. A mad push by the Nor'Easters resulted in many opportunites in front of net to tie it up, but couldn't capitalize. Minutemen FC 3-2 for the win. BIFC v. Retired Glory FC started off with a bang. Diego Monteverde got loose down the left side and nailed one inside the left post to put Retired GLory FC up 1-0. The start of the second half saw more crazy action as a Retired Glory break down the left resulted in an easy cross to open net goal for Retried Glory... Tedi Kujofsa answered 30 seconds later on a blast that tied it for BIFC 2-2. Two more goals were scored early in the second half to put this at 3-3 and then the pace went frantic with opportunity. In the end however, this one ended 3-3. The 12:40 game put MCP United v. Oneida FC. Tied 1-1 at the half, Oneida FC opened this one up in the second half and took it 4-1. All in all, this one was a shitshow with 8 yellow cards. AC Boston v. NEI was postponed.

Segunda Action - Real Boston FC v. MIT was 10am battle at Briggs Field at MIT for the top of the board in Segunda. Kenan Warner dominated this one with a 3 goal effort to lead MIT to the victory 3-2. Feedback we got on this match was that it was a very well played match with great Sportsmanship - overall just a great game to be a part of. Tyler - Get better buddy and hope to see you back on the pitch! Shamrock FC and The Arsenal Maulers played the 2:30pm. This game went back and forth, with Shamrock going up 1-0. Arsenal retaliates. Shamrock up again... Aresnal answers. Nick Nuccio capped this off with the second of his two goals to put Shamrock up 3-2 at the end of regular time. Extreme FC v. Middlesex United for the 4:20 and this one was tight. Extreme nailed one early to go up 1-0 and Middlesex answered with 2 more to into the half up a score. Late in the second half saw a reversal of fortune for Extreme as they converted on a set piece strike from outside and then a PK to go up 4-3 with minutes remaining. Extreme held on and clear it out to preserve the win, getting on the board with their first three points of the season. The last game of the day showed J-Cross FC v. Penguin FC. Tight through the first half, this one was a very physical game with a lot of good, hard competitive soccer. Penguin finally got into the groove in the second half with the attack finally finding scoring form, and they rattled off some nice goals on excellent ball movement up front. Ryan Auster and Luke Dedeus lead Penguin to a 5-1 victory.

The Standings have been updated. Congratulations to our Players of the Match for this week:

  • Lincoln Hurney (Minutemen FC)
  • Kenan Wanrer (MIT)
  • Brian Shilling (BIFC)
  • Brian Gordon (Oneida FC)
  • John Vickers (Shamrock FC)
  • Ricardo Ricky (Extreme FC)
  • Ryan Auster (Penguin FC)

What an awesome week! OK - so we head into the Memorial Day Weekend with a break in the action. Go have some fun and hit the BBQ! Check out our Facebook and our Twitter sites for Weekend Previews, Game Updates, and the latest news on the League.

Saturday, May 19 2012 06:30 am

The Winsor School Facilities Rules
Posted by Casa Soccer League of Boston...

Casa Soccer League of Boston Hello Captains and Players - this email is just to remind you of the rules we are bound to while onsite at the Winsor Facility. Since it is new turf, the following facility rules will have to be enforced when stepping through the gate on onto the turf:
  • WATER ONLY - No colored sugar drinks
  • No Food
  • No Cigarettes
  • No Dogs
  • No Metal
  • No Bicycles

Fortunately, there is a grass staging area next to the turf where these rules are relaxed (except the dogs ? no dogs at Winsor at all). Please help us respect the facility and follow the above guidelines. Thanks for your help and see you on Saturday!

Monday, May 14 2012 10:50 am

Week 5/5 Results
Posted by Casa Soccer League of Boston...

Casa Soccer League of Boston Casa Boston headed into the 5/5 week with teams looking to get those three points and move up the boards. We are starting to see some clear division leaders, but the rest of the teams are looking to get to the top of the middle of the pack. We ended up with a great weather day for some games, and the action was very encouraging!

Primera - The 10:50am matchup between AC Boston and NE Nor'Easters FC was a great, great soccer game. No funny stuff, just good competitive soccer that we come to expect in Casa Boston. Both these teams were looking to get their first three points of the year. AC Boston commanded the ball in the forward half and got some nice shots off on goal. The Nor'Easters retaliated and peppered AC Boston GK Matt Gann, who stopped most everything that came his way. However, Angel Arvelo was able to get two to drop for the Nor'Easters, who take this game 3-1 and look to gain some momentum. Kudos to all the guys involved with this one as it really was a nice game to watch. In the 2:30pm game Minutemen FC looked to regroup from last week's thrashing against a struggling MCP United. It was a very tight game with many fouls at the start but MCP was unlucky to spot the Minutemen with two own goals in the first half. This allowed the Minutemen to relax and slowly take over the game with Kyle Hawks controlling the midfield and picking up MOTM in a 5-1 win. The other game in Cohasset was a nice little run between the surprising Retired Glory FC and New England International. It sounded like NEI hit stride in this one against a depleted Retired Glory squad, as their offense looked to regain the effectiveness that NEI is known for. Four goals by four different players showed just that, with no answer to the onslaught by the Retired Glory defense. 4-2 NEI over Retired Glory and NEI is now on the board with it's first three points.

The night cap was a clash of CASA heavyweights Oneida FC v BIFC. Both teams came out tentatively with Oneida dominating possession. An unfortunate miscommunication with the Oneida defense and goalkeeper mixed with the late sun, created an own goal giving BIFC the early lead. Oneida struck back quickly with a great play from Jaime Mira cutting into the area and an assist to Matt Hardiman. BIFC looked to be on the ropes but Jorge Villagran struck a wonder goal from 30 yards out on a counter attack to make it 2-1. Oneida forward Matt Hardiman bended a scorching free kick over the wall to make it 2-2 at the half. Oneida continued to dominate possession after the half and drew a penalty early on. Luck was not their side as Hardiman hit the crossbar and shortly later BIFC forward Tedi Kujofsa muscled his way to corral a long ball and finished with authority to give the Tojans the lead 3-2 with 25 minutes to go. Oneida furiously piled on the pressure, as BIFC put 10 men behind the ball and were content to park the bus for the rest of the match. Oneida nearly had the equalizer as they hit the post and narrowly missed the target twice by inches. BIFC held on for the win, and Oneida were unlucky as they held BIFC to only 3 shots on goal. Congratulations to the Trojans as they are in the drivers seat to win the Primera league.

Segunda - The first game of the day was a tasty Extreme FC v. MIT matchup at the 9am at Winsor. Extreme looked to get more field time under their belts, and MIT looked to solidify itself at the top of the Segunda leaderboard. Extreme FC had some great pushes up top and the new faces are beginning to gel into a decent team. MIT was up for the challenge though as they won those 50-50s in the middle and held the majority of possession in this one putting 2 into the back of the net. MIT 2-0 over Extreme FC. Penguin FC v. Real Boston in Cohasset was a matchup of old school v. new school teams both sitting at a pretty 2-0 start, looking for an express train to the top of the table. Real Boston FC continued it's fantastic run as the newest of the Free Agent teams to climb up the table, with a victory of Penguin at 2-0. Ilyass Hasnaoui continues to hit for Real Boston FC, now with a division leading 6 goals in the Golden Boot race. Penguin FC hits a bump in the road in this one, but still looks strong and looks to regroup in Week 5/19. Middlesex United v. The Arsenal Maulers at the 12:40pm was another great game. The Big Red brought it's revamped team onto the turf that was sitting a 1-1. The Maulers looked to get the first three points of the season. New duds for both teams brought a very legit appearance to this game, with the play to match. Sardou Nerette led Middlesex United with a solid performance, inluding a goal and a POM trophy, helping Middlesex United to a 3-1 win. The Maulers look great and are still a dangerous team to start putting points on the board in the second half of the season. Watch out for them moving forward! Shamrock FC v. J-Cross FC at the 4:20pm Winsor slot was another nice contest. J-Cross FC looked ot avoid going 0-3 to start their Casa campaign, while Shamrock looked to pick up a win to get them in the middle of the Segunda pack. Ryan Patrie with two goals in this hotly contested game which saw some shades of yellow. Shamrock looks to be building a team that doesn't make many mistakes adding a steady pressure up top. They should be considered as in the mix for promotion if they keep it up.

The Standings have been updated. Congratulations to our Players of the Match for this week:

  • Joe DiNardo (MIT)
  • Matt Gann (AC Boston)
  • Sardou Nerett (Middlesex United)
  • Kyle Hawks (Minutemen FC)
  • Matthew Straz (Shamrock FC)
  • Erin Schweitzer (BIFC)

The tables are starting to take shape as the next week as we come close to the halfway point. Check out our Facebook and our Twitter sites for Weekend Previews, Game Updates, and the latest news on the League.

Friday, May 4 2012 10:02 am

Week 4/28 Results
Posted by Nick Davala...

Nick Davala Today marked the first full day of action for Casa Boston as our teams continued to stretch their outdoor legs and get a good sweat going. All the teams looked to get into lockstep as we enter into the late Spring marches. By the end of the day, you could tell some teams are really coming together!

Primera Action - The 9:00am match BIFC v. NEI was a great match. 2-1 at halftime, things got pretty competitive and the yellows were out. In a mad sequence 30' into the second half, Tedi Kujofsa gets caurght offsides on a nice through ball. 30 seconds later he nails the next through ball into the back of the net, putting BIFC up 3-1. Thomas Berstein buried one with about 5' left to bring NEI back within a goal and then this one ended with a flurry of activity for both sides as the time wound down. Ultimately, this one closed for BIFC 3-2. The 12:40pm match saw NE Nor'Easters FC open up their season against Retired Glory FC. The Retired GLory Attack that landed 8 goals last week came up against a solid Nor'Easter FC defense that held the Glory to only a single first half goal. Meanwhile, the Nor'Easters hit on two scrums in from of the net to take a 2-1 lead going into the half. After a change of sides and some serious second half pressure up front, Retired Glory FC hit for two nice goals early in the second, and then another with about 10 minutes left to steal this on 4-2 at the end of full time. The last game of the night was a evening match with AC Boston v. MCP United. MCP went up early 2-0 on goals by Jason Ocheer and Vatche Demirjiann. In the second half though AC Boston pushed to tie it up. Goalkeeper Jimmy Goldsmith made some crazy saves to keep MCP out of the net for a 3rd time, while David Hannwacker and Cody Germain both scored from outside to tie it 2-2. This one stayed tied until the end of regular time. The Oneida FC v. Minutmen FC game in Cohasset was a rather lopsided affair. Oneida won 12-2 in a very physical game. Matt Hardiman set a new club record with 6 goals in one match and Jaime Mira added 4 to the tally.

Segunda Action - Middlesex United and J-Cross FC at the 10:50 saw some great hits. Jimmie Yundt with a nice set piece that curled into net to put Middlesex United up. J-Cross FCs Torion TszTsun Ngan dropped two nice scorres to bring his team back into this one, but Middlesex United held on in the last 10 minutes to seal the victory 3-2. The 2:30pm was the start to a great rivalry between two newcomers to the league Extreme FC and Real Boston FC. Tied at 1-1 at the 30 minute mark, Real Boston FC put two goals up including a crazy nice set piece header by William Morales. Jeff Raymond burried two breakaways to keep Extreme FC in this one, but at the end of regular time is was 7-3 for Real Boston. The 4:20pm game was immediately afterwards and showed Penguin FC v. Shamrock FC. This game was chippy right out of the gate, but after a few warnings and stop plays by the referees, things settled down and guys got down to the game. Sick, sick game. In a single sequence early in the first half, Peguin FC goalkeeper Mark Renyuk saved a PK attempt then made another crazy save on a shot to the top corner. Nick Nuccio then proceeded to take cross from the right side and bang his bicycle kick of the cross bar. Penguin then broke down the sideline on a break... pretty good stuff. Both teams had a lot of chances, but Penguin FC converted once more than Shamrock and takes it 2-1. The second match at Cohasset featured Casa original six teams MIT and the Arsenal Maulers. This match was back and forth all game, with both teams having opportunities to open the match up. However, it was MIT that walked away with the win after a break-away lead to a goal in the last 15 minutes of the match.

The Standings have been updated. Congratulations to our Players of the Match for this week:

  • Ryan Rodgers (BIFC)
  • Jimmy Yundt (Middlesex United)
  • Blaine Phillips (Retired Glory FC)
  • Esteban Gonzalez (Real Boston FC)
  • Mark Renyek (Penguin FC)
  • Paul Cody (MCP United)
  • Jaime Mira (Oneida FC)
  • Andrew Boyer (MIT)

On to Week #3 - Looks like it could be a soggy one, but we will go regardless! Check out our Facebook and our Twitter sites for Weekend Previews, Game Updates, and the latest news on the League.

Thursday, May 3 2012 11:00 pm

Week 4/21 Results
Posted by Caleb Raynor...

Caleb Raynor The rain held off and it was a perfect day for soccer as the season continued to open for CASA Boston.


A veteran MIT squad started their campaign for promotion as they made the trip to Cohasset to face newcomers J-Cross FC. MIT looked to avenge coming only one goal short in the final last fall to tasting top-flight soccer this spring. They managed to prove they mean business with a 2-0 win. J-Cross FC looks very organized and will no doubt be making a push for promotion as well.

In the first Winsor game, another new team, Extreme FC made their debut against Segunda newcomers, Penguin FC. It was tight in the opening minutes, but Penguin took control of the match and eased into a 5-0 win. Paul Sammons knocked in two goals over a weakened 11 man Extreme. Penguin must improve if they wish to get back to the top division and avoid the ire of their supporters if they fail to do so.

The new free agent team, Real Boston FC met Arsenal Maulers in the afternoon game. It was all Real who look to follow in the footsteps of other free agent teams before them, such as NEI and Oneida FC to became powerhouses in CASA out of the free agent pool. Franco Baciagalupo and Illyas Hasnaoui ran thought the Arsenal defense like a hot knife through butter, leading a them to a 8-0 victory. Arsenal will need to lick their wounds quickly to get back on track for this weekend.


The nighttime feature was a rematch of the semi-final from last fall, NEI v Oneida FC. It was the managerial debut for Omar Brahim who had a number of new faces on his NEI squad. Oneida had returned the same roster that won the league and cup, along with a few key additions to the squad. It was a cagy first half with Oneida up 1-0 at the break. Two minutes into the second half MOTM Matt Hardiman fed last seasons golden boot winner, Jaime Mira with a through ball that he rounded the keeper and coolly slotted into the net. NEI could not recover and the floodgates opened as Oneida finished the night 7-0.

This weekend promises to be a very exciting slate of fixtures as we have a full 8 games on schedule! Keep an eye on the Minutemen FC and Oneida FC match as both teams cannot afford to drop points and will be keen not to lose to a rival.

The Standings have been updated. Congratulations to our Players of the Match for this week:

  • Paul Sammons (Penguin FC)
  • Franco Baciagalupo (Real Boston FC)
  • Matt Hardiman (Oneida FC)

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