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Monday, August 22 2011 11:38 pm

Week 8/20 Results
Posted by Nick Davala...

Nick Davala Casa Boston fired up it's Fall 2011 season on a gorgeous but hot day at Lexington Christian Academy. The pitch looked great heading into this one, and we are excited about the upcoming season. Casa has split into two divisions and continue to introduce some new teams. Thanks to all the Captains for getting this season launched successfully, even though it feels like the Spring season just ended!

Helping launch the Primera Division were League newcomers BIFC. Hopefully they got their money's worth against last year's runners-up Oneida FC. This 10am game was hotly contested, loud and very competitive. Ciaran McGinn came away with the lone goal for BIFC, but it was Oneida FC getting 3 to get them the victory in this one. An own goal late in the 2nd half sealed this one 3-1 for Oneida FC. The Segunda division also kicked off at 10am, with The Arsenal Maulers taking on MIT. MIT put up a 5-spot on the Maulers and looked strong. Kenan Warner with an active game, getting a goal, card and POM award leading MIT to the 5-0 victory.

The lone 12pm game showed a New England International team taking on defending Champions Minutemen FC. Minutemen hung tight in this one, but in the end it appeared the 90 degree heat may have gotten to them. NEI takes this 4-2 on goals from Peter O'Karma, Gustavo Petrini, Drew Porter and Dan Waters.

The 2pm games started with a revamped MCP United hitting the pitch for a battle with re-tooled Midnight Riders. Word has it that MCP United picked up a couple goal scorers for a random subway conversation... I guess it worked as they finally showed some life up on the front lines. MCP United 5-0 over Midnight Riders, picking up 3 points. The other 2pm game was a friendly with the NE Nor'Easters facing AC Boston. This one was again played in some hot weather, but the level of play was nothing short of great. In AC Boston tradition, they pushed the ball hard up the field. The Nor'Easters matched it though, counter-attacking well. Mark Speirs (Nor'Easters) and Jared Fine (AC Boston) each with a goal to end this one tied 1-1.

The Standings have been updated. Congratulations to our Players of the Match for this week:

  • Ciaran McGinn (BIFC)
  • Kenan Warner (MIT)
  • Saheed Alabi (MCP United)
  • Shane James (Minutemen FC)

It looks like the HarborView Hustlers are going to take the Season off, but we are optimistic that Middlesex United will field a team in Week 2. Let's stick with the same schedule posted below. NEI on a bye next week.

We are looking for a team to fill in for the Hustlers, so drop us a line if you know of one that is looking to join the League!

Tuesday, August 16 2011 04:37 pm

Championship Results - 7/23
Posted by Casa Soccer League of Boston...

Casa Soccer League of Boston BOSTON, Ma. (Casa AP) - The Casa Boston Championship Match was played this past Saturday night, July 23rd, 2011. It was a spectacular game with fantastic weather, and became a night to celebrate. Thanks to all the fans who came out and watched - it was by far the highest attendance ever for a Casa Match!

#1 Minutemen FC vs. #3 Oneida FC. Minutemen FC rolled #8 MIT, then beat #5 NEI to get to the finals. Oneida FC took the #6 HarborView Hustlers, then #2 AC Boston to get here. From the Captain's meeting forward, this was one of the Casa Classics. Here's how it went down...

Both sides laced them up, and kick-off was at 7:03pm. Even in score through the 10' mark, Minutemen FC started putting the pressure on the Oneida FC defensive front. A couple of corners and set pieces were played into the Oneida FC box. Captain Jay Smith kept a solid line on the crosses, clearing them from trouble.

At the 23' mark George Watts-Sturrock put one into the box from about half field. Picked up by the Minutemen FC goalie Stephen Gardner with no pressure, a counter-attack went the other way with Bradford Smith breaking loose and getting taken down by Jay Smith just outside the 18', resulting in a Yellow Card for the Oneida FC Captain. The ensuing direct kick was taken and powered into a 7-man Oneida defensive wall, bouncing harmlessly away from net and back into midfield play.

Controversy at the 38' minute as Phil Julien got into the top corner of the box and made contact with an Oneida FC defender, resulting in a face full of turf. Hands in the air and screaming for a penalty, the Referee proclaimed play on with a warning issued at the next whistle. The following transition resulted in a crazy set piece shot from George Watts-Sturrock matched by an even nicer diving save by GK Stephen Gardner. This was a great game so far, going into the half at 0-0.


The first 15' of the second half were for Oneida FC. Quite a few pushes resulting in some set pieces and corner kicks. However, this time it was the Minutemen FC defense warding off the attack, followed by matching yellows on George Watts-Sturrock and Phil Julien around the 65' mark. It was at the 70' mark that Jacob Gordon of Minutemen FC took a errant pass, broke it loose and nailed a low shot across the box and into goal, putting Minutemen FC up 1-0. The scoring continued at the 85' with a PK issued to Oneida FC, which George Watts-Sturrock hitting top right, tying the game at 1-1. The last 5' minutes were furiously played, but at the end of RT it was tied 1-1. Two 15' sessions would be needed to settle this one.

After both teams regroupd at the end of RT, Minutemen FC got into the Oneida FC box at the 97' mark, sending a cross towards Bradford Smith. A deflection put the ball across the goal line, putting Minutemen FC up 2-1. In the ensuing scrum after play resumed at center, Oneida FC Captain Jay Smith gets sent of on a 2nd Yellow, putting Oneida FC down a man heading into the second extra time session.

The second extra time saw Minutemen FC begin to put it away. Justin Govonlu scooped up an errant shot and put it past GK to take a commanding 3-1 lead in the 112'. Another push by Govonlu resulted in 2nd yellow and expulsion for Watts-Sturrock, effectively sealing the game for Minutemen FC. The whistle was blown and this one was in the books.

Congratulations to the Player of the Match for this Championship:

  • Stephen Gardner (Minutemen FC)

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