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Sunday, June 26 2011 01:42 pm

Week 6/25 Results
Posted by Nick Davala...

Nick Davala Casa Boston finished the regular season in great fashion! With the thunderstorms clearing just 30 minutes before the day's first kickoff, the table looked to be finalized for the playoffs, with 6 teams in contention for the final two spots in the Championship.

In the 9am, New England International hosted AC Boston. Both teams had clinched Cup berths. With positioning on the line, AC Boston came to the pitch with a balanced attack on a majority of close range shots, netting a 3-0 lead going into the second. NEI threatened late though, but AC Boston hung on to win 5-2.

MIT vs. The Arsenal Maulers put two teams that needed a victory for playoff purposes. Goals were traded back and forth, with the Maulers going up 2-1 at the half. The second showed increased pushed towards net, with a mammoth blast from Kostas Theoharides at the 85' to put MIT up for good at 5-4. This proved to the the blast that put MIT into the Cup playoffs.

Oneida F.C vs. Middlesex United at the 12:40. Stephen Weber's 5 goals powered Oneida FC against a Middlesex United team which had a lot of new faces. Luis Hernandez also contributed with a crazy scissor kick off a cross for net... nice goal Luis. Oneida looks to be a serious contender heading into a playoff run, but is going to have some serious competition against AC Boston, Minutemen FC and Penguin FC.

Penguin FC and HarborView Hustlers on the 2:30. Both needed victories to secure home field advantage in the opening playoff rounds. HarborView got out to a quick lead but Penguin FC tied it up on a set piece strike from Justin Putland to Mark Henry for net. HarborView did take a 2-1 lead into the half, but Penguin pulled off the equalizer to end this tied at 2-2.

The final game of the day at Winsor saw the NE Nor'Easters open up their Toilet Bowl March against Midnight Riders. Less than 5 minutes in, Kate Radke and Alan Guichard had both scored for the Nor'Easters, putting them up 2-0, which held into the half. Midnight did get on the board twice in the second half, but the Nor'Easters added another to secure a 3-2 victory. These teams look poised to meet again in the Toilet Bowl... who wants to kiss and drink from the Bronzed Plunger the most?

The last game of the day was at Clarke. Minutemen FC and Boston United took the grass. Both teams suited 13, and both teams played tight. Note of interest in this one was the sick strike from S. Stewart hitting the back of the net from deep. Wish I was there to see this one, cause I heard from a couple people that it was nasty. Final was a 3-3 tie for both sides.

The standings have been updated. Congratulations to our Players of the Match for this week:

  • Jared Fine (AC Boston)
  • Kostas Theoharides (MIT)
  • Matt Kelsey (HarborView Hustlers)
  • Stephen Weber (Oneida FC)
  • Matt Miller (NE Nor'Easters)
  • S. Stewart (Boston United)

It's Playoff Time, so take the July 4th weekend off, rest the injuries and come back with a serious complete level. Here are the matchups for July 9th opening round of playoff matches at Winsor School and Clarke:

  • 9:00am Winsor - Toilet Bowl Semi 1 - NE Nor'Easters v. MCP United
  • 10:50am Winsor - Championship Quarter 1 - Minutemen FC v. MIT
  • 12:40pm Winsor - Championship Quarter 2 - AC Boston v. Boston United
  • 2:30pm Winsor - Championship Quarter 3 - Oneida FC v. HarborView Hustlers
  • 4:20pm Winsor - Championship Quarter 4 - Penguin FC v. New England International
  • 4:30pm Clarke - Toilet Bowl Semi 2 - Middlesex United v. Midnight Riders

We are working on getting three-man ref systems up an running for the Championship Playoffs... if you are certified in Yellow, we would love to have you run some lines for us... let us know!

As a side note, Casa Boston would like to send out a BIGTIME THANKS! to Karen and Felix at The Winsor School for helping make this season possible. You have been fantastic hosts and it's with our sincerest hopes that we can continue this relationship into the future - you should come out and check out the action, especially our Championship Game under the lights!

Sunday, June 12 2011 05:50 pm

Week 6/11 Results
Posted by Casa Soccer League of Boston...

Casa Soccer League of Boston BOSTON, Ma. (Casa AP) - Casa Boston fired up the action this Saturday on an off-and-on rainy day. We saw some fireworks early though, as damp conditions fueled the competition level heading into the last three weeks of the season.

The day opened up with HarborView Hustlers vs. Middlesex United, two teams looking to make huge gains in the table with a victory and three points. For it being 9am in the morning, there was plenty of activity. Nick Nuccio rounded out some early scoring for both teams with a sick diving header. But HarborView took a 3-2 lead into the second half and withstood a Middlesex run late, winning 5-4 at the end of regular time.

New England International jumped out to a 3-0 lead on Midnight Riders, and never looked back. Cole Barris was a scoring machine in a game that was played mostly in some steady rainfall. NEI wins 11-0.

MCP United over Boston United by forfeit 3-0.

In the 2:30 game, league leaders Minutemen FC took on the upstart NE Nor'Easters. This one took a while to get started, but late in the first half Minutemen finally broke through the Nor'Easter D for a trio of goals, and went into the half 3-0. The second half showed why Minutemen is a tough matchup, as they pushed even harder towards net. Final - 7-2 Minutemen FC.

The last match at Winsor featured Oneida FC v MIT. For Oneida FC, a victory would put them up in the top half of the Championship Bracket. For MIT, a victory would get them closer to making the Championship playoffs. 8-1 Oneida FC on a dominant performance.

The last match up the day pitted AC Boston against The Arsenal Maulers at Clarke Field. Two Arsenal own goals put them behind, but it was the AC Boston attack that put them away. 7-1 AC Boston

The standings have been updated. Congratulations to our Players of the Match for this week:

  • Justin Patrie (Middlesex United)
  • Cole Barris (New England International
  • Lincoln Hurney (Minutemen FC)
  • Matt Hardiman (Oneida FC)
  • Rama Myers (AC Boston)

Lot's of lopsided games this week, as we begin to see which teams are contenders and which are pretenders. The table is still in flux, and these last two weeks prove critical for all teams, with positioning and Championship spots still on the line. See you next week!

Tuesday, June 7 2011 09:57 pm

Posted by Casa Soccer League of Boston...

Casa Soccer League of Boston

Courtesy of Caleb Raynor

Tuesday, June 7 2011 09:47 pm

Regular Season and Playoff Scheduling
Posted by Casa Soccer League of Boston...

Casa Soccer League of Boston So far so good this season. Thanks to everybody for making this Spring a great success! Regarding the remainder of the schedule, please refer to our Scheduling page for the most up to date regular season game matchups and times (the team portals need to be updated, and we are working on getting rid of the erroneous games).

The 2011 Spring Playoff Schedule has been released and is shown below. Both the Championship and the Toilet Bowl have built in consolation matches for teams to get as much turf time as possible.

We have agreement to play the Championship Match at Winsor School, Saturday July 23rd, under the lights on a 7pm start time. Good luck!

Monday, June 6 2011 11:54 am

Week 6/4 Results
Posted by Casa Soccer League of Boston...

Casa Soccer League of Boston BOSTON, Ma. (Casa AP) - Casa Boston resumed play after the Memorial Day break in good fashion. With a full slate of regular and rescheduled matches to be played over two days, the league table was set for movement.

MIT vs. Minutemen FC opened up the day. This one was tied through 15' but Marcos Figeurido of MIT broke it open going up 1-0. Lincoln Hurney of Minutemen FC then dropped a couple on MIT, putting them up 3-1 at the half. Minutemen FC blew it open at the 70' mark, taking this one 6-3.

Boston Burger vs. New England International took the pitch for the 10:50. At half this one was 1-0 in favor of New England International, in what was a physical matchup. The Arsenal Maulers attack did put shots on net getting three in the second half, but NEI got four more in the second half to take it 5-3. Two goals each by Gustavo Petrini and Ole Erickson powered NEI to the victory.

AC Boston Co-Captains Rama Myers and Jared Fine each scored goals in the 1st half of the 12:40 game, putting them up 2-0 over Penguin FC. Mark Seguin had a few choice words for the ref at the start of the second half, but unfortunately it couldn't spur Penguin to the victory. AC Boston 3-0, topped off by a corner kick head goal by Rama Myers.

Middlesex United and MCP United battled hard in the 2:30. Middlesex United again played short bodies, but Matt Sciandra filled the void with two goals and a YC for the Red in the 1st half, which ended tied at 2-2. Both teams looked to the 2nd half to break it open, but Middlesex United got the breaker, and this one ended 3-2.

Winsor 4:20 was an awesome soccer game. Kudos to HarborView Hustlers for pulling this one out 2-1. Goals by Devin Ferreira and Tedi Kujofsa got the lead, but Hustlers keeper Nick Wilson vacuumed up every NE Nor'Easter cross, taking the Player of the Match award. These two teams look forward to a playoff showdown if possible.

At Clarke Field, Oneida FC took down a struggling Midnight Riders team, 9-2. Riders Captain Adam Foster put Midnight up 1-0 on a set-piece strike and their defense had Oneida FC struggling well into the first half. However, Oneida took a 3-2 lead in to the start of the 2nd and opened it up from there. Nice goals from George Watts-Sturrock (belter from 20 yards out) and Jason Goldman (header) carried Oneida FC.

In one of the make-up games, Midnight Riders took three points from Middlesex United in a hard fought battle Sunday at Danehy Field. The Riders got on the score sheet first with a rather fortunate freak goal from the sidelines. Midnight's Enrique Santander put the Blacks up 1-0 from thirty yards out at a very difficult angle. Middlesex kept the game at 1-0 going into the break, and struck immediately in the second half with a quality goal from Middlesex's Vatche. Eric Larrieux hit a Derek Brewer created penalty kick making it 2-1. Middlesex then enjoyed a promising spell for the remainder of the match but were unable to capitalize.

A make-up match pitted New England International and Penguin FC in the second of back to back weekend games. An undermanned Penguin squad held tough through the first half but wore down in the second, opening the floodgates for a surgical and creative New England attack which quickly assumed complete control of the game. No contest for NEI 11-0. Penguin FC, which started the season 4-0, has now lost 3 straight.

The standings have been updated. Congratulations to our Players of the Match for this week:

  • Jacob Gordon (Minutemen FC)
  • Michael Michalczewski (New England International)
  • Jared Fine (AC Boston)
  • Matt Sciandra (Middlesex United)
  • Nick Wilson (HarborView Hustlers)
  • Costas Lyssiotis (Oneida FC)
  • Dan Fusco (New England International)
  • Derek Brewer (Midnight Riders)

Home stretch. There are a lot of teams that can finish out the season on runs that will get them into the Championship, so keep pushing hard. Next weeks games are big, so bring it to the pitch!

(Photos by Nick Davala and Caleb Raynor)

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