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Saturday, November 19 2011 05:40 pm

Championship Results - 11/19
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Casa Soccer League of Boston November 19th, 2011 and Casa Soccer League of Boston finished it's Fall Season with a couple of fantastic Championship games on a gorgeous day at The Winsor School in Downtown Boston. The Casa Cup had been shined up and awaited it's next recipient.

Segunda Action - The 10:00am Segunda Championship pitted NE Nor'easters FC vs. MIT. These teams met twice in the regular season with the Nor'easters taking both 4-0. This one started exactly the same way with the Nor'easter attack taking it to the MIT defense. Goals by Angel Arvelo, Christian Garces and Can Yegen put them up 3-0 and the Nor'easter midfield was pushing hard up the field. The start of the second half wasn't any different, as Christian Garces got on the board for a second time, putting the Nor'easters up 4-0. Cruising comfortably, MIT started to pull it together and pound the ball down the center of the field. They got on the board three times on goals by Craig McRonald, Brendan Crowly and Marcos Figueiredo against a Nor'Easter defense that was sagging. The fourth goal finally came, and this one was tied up 4-4 going into OT.

The two 15 minute OT periods started with MIT again driving the ball down the middle of the field and it looked like the momentum was going towards MIT bigtime. However, late in the 1st OT Nor'Easters Christian Garces got one, and it proved to be the game winner 5-4. Congratulations to the NE Nor'Easters FC for their victoy!

Primera Action - Oneida FC and Boston United hit the pitch at 1pm for the start of the Fall 2011 Casa Boston League Championship. Back and forth for the first minutes Boston United took a break away down the right side of the pitch and Ryan Newton picked it up. After a foul outside the box, Oneida FC defender Jay Smith was shown a Red Card at the 26' for violent play. Even with a man down, they proceeded to push the attack and let loose some nice shots. In fact, both goalkeepers saw a fair amount of activity in the first half, but stopped everything that came their way and this one went 0-0 after the first 45'.

The start of the 2nd 45' saw the 10-man Oneida FC squad maintaining control of the ball and pushing up against the Boston United defense. However, a miscue by the BU backline gave Jaime Mira and easy goal, putting Oneida FC up 1-0. Nelson Neves made it 2-0 with hit from the top of the box at minute 76' and that was enough to pad the victory. Congratulations to Oneida FC on the League Championship and well done Boston United - it was still a very well played game all around.

Results have been updated. Congratulations to our Players of the Match for this week:

  • Matt Miller (NE Nor'Easters FC)
  • George Watts-Sturrock (Oneida FC)

So that's it for this Fall 2011 Season! Thank you to everybody for a very well done year - couldn't have done it without the managers, players, referees, facilities and even the fans. On a great note of interest, it is with great excitement that we welcome Caleb Raynor of Oneida FC to the League's Board of Directors as the new Vice President! I think we have some great momentum heading into the off-season... have a fantastic Holidays and see you all again in April!

Saturday, November 19 2011 05:31 pm

Congrats Oneida FC!
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Casa Soccer League of Boston

Wednesday, November 16 2011 12:42 pm

Week 11/12 Results
Posted by Nick Davala...

Nick Davala Casa Boston spent a pretty nice Veteran's Day Weekend heading into the semifinal round of the playoffs at The Winsor School in downtown Boston. The competition level was definitely up, as was the chatter. We also had a great scrimmage against the Harvard Club B - well done guys!

Primera Action - #2 Boston United v. #3 BIFC. BIFC really worked the ball well up and down the field for the first half and definitely had more possession time than Boston United. It stayed tied at the end of the first half, and well into the second. At the 85',. Matt Monarch took a set piece high up towards the corner and Dimitrios Kamberidis cleaned up the rebound to get BU on top. Both teams loaded the box for the final BIFC push, but this one ended 1-0 BU. The last game of the day showed #1 Oneida FC v. #4 New England International. NEI's attack went after it quick, with three or four breakaways in the fist 20', but couldn't convert. At that point the momentum switched to Oneida FC, as they unleashed 4 goals by 4 different players to finish out the 1st half. The 2nd half was a runaway with Oneida FC opening up a sizable lead, and NEI did get some goals in this half but it was too little too late. Oneida FC onto the Championship.

Segunda Action - We started off the day with a 10:50 Semi-Final match showing #2 NE Nor'Easters FC taking on #3 Middlesex United. The Nor'Easters wasted no time opening this one up, hitting the first three goals and opening up a 3-0 lead going into the half. However, it was Middlesex United who would do all the scoring the rest of the way, chipping at the Nor'Easter lead for the entire second half. The Red brought it to 3-2 and then pounded the net for the last 15'. The Nor'Easters withheld the grinding to preserve the 3-2 victory. #1 MCP United vs. #4 MIT was the other semi-final. MIT got on the board first, however Saheed Alabi tied it up about halfway in the 2nd with a breakaway and low shot to the left corner. MIT jumped back up on a tremendous shot by Dioleno Alves from the outside of the center cirle to the top left corner. MIT topped it off for a 3-1 final, to advance to the Championship versus the Nor'Easters.

The Standings have been updated. Congratulations to our Players of the Match for this week:

  • Tim Nuccio (Middlesex United)
  • Jose Alves (MIT)
  • Dimitrios Kamberidis (Boston United)
  • Matt Hardiman (Oneida FC)

We head into the final week of the season with two Championship games at hand this Saturday at Winsor!

Monday, November 7 2011 03:59 pm

Week 11/5 Results
Posted by Nick Davala...

Nick Davala Casa Boston entered the first playoff week on a brisk but sunny day at The Winsor School in Boston. All teams looked in playoff form as the rosters were solid and the play was pretty darn good.

Primera Action - #2 Boston United v. #7 Penguin FC. Holy Cow this was a good one. Tied going into the 80', Justin Putland put a header into net off a decent sequence by the Penguin FC attack. Not more than 4 minutes later, Ryan Newton broke loose and finished a low rocket into net to tie it up. Going into PKs, Penguin hit their first 4 to put victory into reach. But it was BU sealing the deal in the end, hitting the next two to win it 5-4. #4 Minutemen FC and #5 New England International at the 2:30 showed a rematch of the Fall 2010 Championship. Ole Erikson hit quickly to put NEI up 1-0. Diego Podesta hit two from distance to seal the deal for NEI 3-0. The final game of the day showed #3 BIFC v. #6 AC Boston. Tied 1-1 at the half, this one went crazy in the second half. AC Boston's Rama Myers went net to put it AC Boston up 2-1, then BIFC went on a scoring spree to net the next 3 goals. BIFC 4-2 over AC Boston. POM to former HarborView Hustler Tedi Kujofsa with a solid performance up front for BIFC.

Segunda Action - The 9:00am quarterfinal match between #3 Middlesex United v. #6 The Arsenal Maulers showed the Red getting out to a fast start 2-0, with a sick hit from deep by Tim Nuccio. Middlesex dropped another in the second half to take it 3-0. Two goals and POM from Nick Nuccio to power Middlesex United. In 12:40 action, #4 MIT faced #5 Midnight Riders. THe first 10' saw both teams trade goals, with MIT going up 2-1 after the first 20'. It was all MIT after that, taking it 5-1 at the end of regular time. Solid game by POM Laura DiDomenico.

The Standings have been updated. Congratulations to our Players of the Match for this week:

  • Nick Nuccio (Middlesex United)
  • Justin Putland (Penguin FC)
  • Laura DiDomenico (MIT)
  • Ole Erikson (New England International)
  • Tedi Kujofsa (BIFC)

Going into the semifinals of the playoffs, we have arranged to finish out the season at Winsor School. The playoff schedule is posted below. Some solid matchup on the way with the top 4 seeds from each division squaring off. Looking for a team of players to take on Harvard in the 9:00am, so let me know if you are interested in getting in on the Friendly Action!

Thursday, November 3 2011 12:05 pm

Playoff Schedule and The ORIGINAL Casa Boston All Stars
Posted by Nick Davala...

Nick Davala Well, for anybody that played out in Lancaster last Saturday, you were probably pretty cold by the time you hopped back into your car. For those that participated in the 2pm games, what a mess huh? I mean, nothing like playing in a legit Noreaster, with the sideways snow/rain, rooster tails on the soccer ball and taking a dive on the turf only to come up soaked with ice water. Kudos to everybody for this past weekend. Most games were pretty lopsided, so I'm not going to rehash them here.

The playoff schedule is posted below:

We have some great opening round matchups lined up, as well as a Friendly featuring both the #1 teams from both leagues. Congrats to MCP United as they have been promoted to the Primera for the Spring 2012 season courtesy of their dominance of the Segunda Division this Fall, going 6-0-1. Nothing like a little friendly against Oneida FC to benchmark yourself going into the winter. Congrats to Oneida FC as well, who pulled out the #1 seed in Primera with a victory this past weekend against NEI. For the guys playing in the Segunda tournament, we are trying to keep the incentive there. Winners of the tourney will be considered for promotion to Primera next Spring as well, pending a full slate of teams in each division.


A couple of weekends ago there was a scrimmage against a potential Harvard team. It was a pretty good game - well done Harvard. I hope you guys plan on getting involved with Casa Boston in the Spring. Equally important was the establishment of the ORIGINAL Casa Boston All Star Team. This awesome squad is shown below. Cheers! to this monumental achievement in Casa Boston History:

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