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Sunday, October 16 2011 11:18 am

Week 10/15 Results
Posted by Nick Davala...

Nick Davala Casa Boston took a trip out to Lancaster to fit in some games this past week, and it was a great day! Thanks to the managers, players and referees who put on a great show, and thanks to Dick Threadgould and the Citizen's Bank Fields facilities for hosting us - kudos to all. Got to hand it to the 2pm game participants & fans for making it through that 20 minute rainfall - pretty raw and cold conditions. It must be October!

Primera Action - BIFC and Penguin FC hit the turf for the 10am, in windy conditions that definitely factored into the play. Walls of wind blew the soccer ball all over the place, and BIFC struck three times in the first half going downwind. That was enough to take this game, and put another in net in the second for a 4-0 victory, getting the 3 points for the table. Oneida FC and Minutemen FC tangled in the 12pm for a chippy one. Last time these guys played, it was Oneida on top 6-0. Oneida again got the better of this matchup with a 4-2 victory. Two goals for Jaime Mira and POM for Costas Lyssiotis - his 4th of his Casa Boston career. The 2pm was an important game for both Boston United and New England International, who are both battling for the top of the Primera table. NEI struck first, but it was BU who came back with two goals to answer. Big game for BU goalkeeper Nick Barbatl, who stopped some rips from the NEI attack. BU over NEI 2-1.

Segunda Action - Saturday's Segunda action opened up with the Midnight Riders v. The Arsenal Maulers. The Maulers looked to get on the board this week, but took on a Midnight Riders team previously took victory 6-1 at Winsor a few weeks back. This one was closer, but it was still the Riders getting the better of the matchup 2-0. Big game though for Berahman Gholamreza though, working the midfield and pushing the Maulers attack forward. In the 12pm we had the NE Nor'Easters and MIT tangle. The Nor'Easters attack was led by Angel with three goals and the POM. Nick Davala also on the board with his first goal of his Casa Boston Career! Nor'Easters over MIT 4-0, but the MIT roster is enviably rounding out well, as it appears they have a very solid core of guys that show up every week and get their full 90' of run. They'll be strong in the playoffs. The last game of the day was a great MCP United v. Middlesex United game. Compared to the Spring 2011 season, both these teams have showed impressive improvement and both these teams are going to be tough in the playoffs. MCP looks like a freight train though, as they won for the 4th straight game beating Middlesex United 3-0. Next week's 2pm matchup against MIT looks to be the game of the week!

The Standings have been updated. Congratulations to our Players of the Match for this week:

  • Berahman Gholamreza (The Arsenal Maulers)
  • Erin Schweitzer (BIFC)
  • Angel (NE Nor'Easters)
  • Costas Lyssiotis (Oneida FC)
  • Andrew Vargas (MCP United)
  • Nick Barbatl (Boston United)

We are going to push the 1st round of playoffs out to the open Oct. 29/30 week, and fit in the 9/24 rainout games next week at LCA on Saturday, with the Minutemen FC v. Boston United makeup at Winsor School at 10:00am on SUNDAY. Here's what it looks like for next week, the final regular season week before we head into the playoffs:

Tuesday, October 11 2011 06:52 pm

Week 10/8 Results
Posted by Nick Davala...

Nick Davala Casa Boston had perfect weather this past Saturday... unbelievable for a Saturday in October. The fields played well - kudos to LCA! There are some really good battles for the top of both tables, and some equally good competition for the cellar. Here we go!

Primera Action - AC Boston and Minutemen FC hit the LCA Top pitch for the 10am. Both teams needed a victory in order to stave off relegation talk, and both teams played a solid match. Justin Govonlu with a goal, assist and POM award leads Minutemen FC to victory in a close 3-2 match. Boston United and BIFC entered this game looking to get their three points and sit atop the table after this match. However, this one went into the books as a 0-0 tie, netting each team with a point. The Oneida FC v. Penguin FC match ended in a 3-0 forfeit victory for Oneida.

Segunda Action - In the 10am match, Middlesex United squared off against a NE Nor'Easter team looking to stay atop the Segunda division. 0-0 going into the 87', the Nor'Easters got one to fall, taking the lead. However, it was Middlesex United on a rush on net at the 89' to tie it up 1-1, where this one ended. MCP United took on Midnight Riders in the 12pm, and cruised easily to a 4-1 win, getting them the 3 points needed to sit on top of the Segunda table. The 2pm showed The Arsenal Maulers v. MIT. Marcos Figueiredo with a two goal game, leading MIT to the victory

The Standings have been updated. Congratulations to our Players of the Match for this week:

  • Nick Nuccio (Middlesex United)
  • Justin Govonlu (Minutemen FC)
  • Jose Fernando (Midnight Riders)
  • Greg Zoeller (Boston United)
  • Marcos Figueirido (MIT)

Please note that next week's games are at the Citizen's Bank Fields in Lancaster. Please give yourself enough time to get there. We are also finalizing the make-up game plan, so please stay tuned!

Tuesday, October 4 2011 09:15 pm

Week 10/1 Results
Posted by Nick Davala...

Nick Davala Casa Boston came off a rain out week to resume action at the fantastic Winsor School and Clarke Fields! Although a bit wet and overcast, that didn't put a damper on the action, as I think all the players came with some added punch after the off-week. The tables are starting to show some separation, and this was a week with some telling matchups as we head into the later parts of the season.

Primera Action - Minutemen FC v. Penguin FC at the 10:50. Great match. Minutemen was looking to get their first points of the season on a pitch that brought them the Championship last Spring. Penguin FC stood in their way however, and brought it. Ray Cooper's stellar play in the back kept Penguin close, but it was Minutemen that defended their turf, winning 3-1. AC Boston and Boston United hit it for the 12:40. AC Boston looked to be missing some key players, and BU took advantage squeezing out a 2-1 victory. The 4:20 game was a sick game showing New England International v. BIFC. Best game of the season by far. The level of play in this one was very high, with all goals showing that Casa Boston has some serious talent. Can't say enough about BIFC in this one - well done guys. NEI just popped off a few more crazy hits, and took it 4-2. Sunday's Clarke matchup saw AC Boston go back to back, this time against Oneida FC. Unfortunately, it was a tough weekend for AC Boston. Oneida FC came up stronger in the wet conditions, taking it 2-0. Jay Smith with Player of the Match.

Segunda Action - MCP United v. Middlesex United in the 9:00am. Middlesex looked to continue it's resurgence, and MCP looked to maintain it's standing atop the table. Big game for the Karpusyuk brothers, each getting a goal taking home the 3-1 victory... Nick Nuccio with the POM, his 3rd this Fall Season and 9th Career Overall... Casa Boston Hall of Fame worthy? The 10am at Clarke was a battle between the NE Nor'Easters and MIT. Sean Matthys went goal crazy, hitting for all 4 of the Nor'Easters nets, taking the POM and propelling the Nor'Easters to a 4-0 victory. The 2:30pm saw a Midnight Riders team get back into 2009-2010 form, showing that they can hit the net if they get on a roll. Riders over Maulers 6-1.

The Standings have been updated. Congratulations to our Players of the Match for this week:

  • Nick Nuccio (Middlesex United)
  • Sean Matthys (NE Nor'Easters)
  • Ray Cooper (Penguin FC)
  • Patrick Moynahan (Boston United)
  • Berahman Gholamreza (The Arsenal Maulers)
  • Diego Podesta (New England International)
  • Jay Smith (Oneida FC)

So, we are working on scheduling the make-up games. The weekend looks pretty good right now, so hopefully we Casa can get back on a roll and get the ball rolling from here on out. Thanks to the Captains for getting the fees in. And thanks again to Karen and Felix at Winsor for hosting us... looking forward to the Spring!

Photos by Nick Davala and Sofi Boettner

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