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News for month of 2009-11

Sunday, November 22 2009 04:57 pm

Middlesex United 2 - Big Green 1
Posted by Tom Adams...

Tom Adams It was a nail biting, action packed final from start to finish. After a long series of very dangerous corner kicks and indirects, Big Green's Mike DiChiara finally capitalized at the 18 minute mark with a header off a brilliantly placed cross into the crowded six yard area, and Green held on to the lead through the rest of the half. About ten minutes into the second half, Justin Patrie of United put a well-placed shot just out of the reach of the keeper on a crossing pass from Nick Nuccio, as a result of a fast-paced counter attack. Then with about 20 to go, United's Ryan Patrie took advantage of a shot ricocheting off a defender to put the go-ahead goal in off the left post with a favorable bounce. Green countered with full force but their would-be-tying shot bounced off the crossbar with just a few minutes left. It was a great game start to finish, with best efforts made by all.

Thank you for everyone who participated this season! If you have lost something, I have a pretty substantial lost and found box.

Look for pictures and video highlights in the near future!

Saturday, November 21 2009 10:56 pm

Last Day ! - One Cancellation
Posted by Tom Adams...

Tom Adams Our inaugural season comes to a close tomorrow morning. At 10am we have MIT vs Arsenal Maulers battling for 5th place, and then at 12pm we have Middlesex United vs Big Green in the Finals.

Note that Minutemen FC vs Midnight Riders has been cancelled... Minutemen doesn't have enough players.

Good luck!

Thursday, November 19 2009 11:31 pm

Playoff Update
Posted by Tom Adams...

Tom Adams Tonight saw some very exciting matchups under lights, with come-from-behind wins from both Big Green and Minutemen FC.

I believe all of the captains have been notified that we had to tweak the playoff schedule. The schedule for the remainder of the playoffs is as follows:

SATURDAY at LCA (Nov 21)
9:00am - Field 2 - Midnight Riders vs Big Green
10:50am - Field 2 - Middlesex United vs Minutemen FC

SUNDAY at LCA (Nov 22)
10:00am - Field 2 - MIT vs. Arsenal Maulers
10:00am - Field 1 - 3rd Place Game
12:00 - Field 1 - FINALS See you there!

Tuesday, November 17 2009 07:16 pm

Playoffs and Spring Season
Posted by Tom Adams...

Tom Adams Thank you all so much for your patience and cooperation with all of the rain and the scramble to reschedule time and time again. Your participation and understanding has been essential to getting the league to run as smoothly as possible. At last, I can give you the details.

The first round of the playoffs will take place THURSDAY at Arlington High School (869 Mass Ave, Arlington MA 02476). Everyone wanted the later time, so I flipped a coin. Games will be prompt due to strict time constraints. The resulting schedule is as follows:

7:00pm Big Green vs. Arsenal Maulers
8:30pm Minutemen FC vs MIT

SATURDAY NOV 21 AT LEXINGTON CHRISTIAN ACADEMY (usual location...note later start times!)
10:30am: 5th place game (losers of the two Thursday games)
12:30pm: Middlesex United vs. One of the winners from Thursday
12:30pm: Midnight Riders vs Other winner from Thursday

10:00am: 3rd place game (Losers of two 12:30 games on Saturday)
12:00pm: Finals


  • THURSDAY ONLY: Games will consist of 35 minute halves. We have to squeeze both into a three hour period and leave time for PKs...
  • SATURDAY AND SUNDAY: Games will consist of 45 minute halves as usual.
  • ALL GAMES: All ties go straight to a best-of-five penalty kick shootout, standard rules. Because of unlimited subs, we do not require your shooters to be chosen from the 11 who happen to be on the field at the time that the whistle is blown.
  • ROSTERS: Guest players must have played on your team sometime this year (or paid money... i.e. just now recovering from injury but on team from beginning), and cannot come from one of the existing teams. Add all names to your roster before I print them Thursday afternoon for players to be eligible for the playoffs.
  • MONEY: Anyone who owes me money must pay before playing.
  • SCOREBOARD: The finals only will have a timer on the scoreboard... this will count down from 45 and stop (and buzz) at the 2 minute mark. After that, the clock will freeze and the referee will determine the actual stop time as usual.

I am pleased to say that, the Finals will include a scoreboard and an announcer (former professional DJ) to call the game. We will also give out league awards before the game begins. Additionally, the finals will be videotaped by a professional and will be used toward a promotional highlight reel. So please wear your uniforms, even if you didn't have time to wash it from the day before! We hope this will both be fun and promote the growth of the league in the future.

We will play Thursday rain or shine. This is a nice artificial turf field which can handle water. This weekend appears to be ok weatherwise, but if needed we'll formulate another backup plan on Friday night.

For the Thursday games only, see directions to AHS

Yes, there will be a spring season! We don't know where exactly. It will be stretched out longer into the summer to better handle rain, and the location is not yet certain. We are considering Arlington High School, and so Thursday will serve as a trial run. Many other sites are being considered, but if you have an "in" anywhere, please let me know. I anticipate 10-12 teams, since we'll have plenty of advance time to plan. Ultimately, I envision multiple divisions, with promotion and relegation between them according to an appropriate structure. In our sister league in Philadelphia, there are 4 divisions with 10 teams each. These are my visions, I will share more in the future, and feel free to share yours too!

I will be looking for some help from you, however. I need officers to help run the league, particularly as we grow. I will take anyone who wants to help, and provide any skills you may have. We need classics like Treasurer, Vice President, Ombudsman, Webmaster, etc. We could also use marketers, graphic designers, bloggers, journalists, legal services, commissioners, etc etc etc. Anyone who wants to help, really. As an officer you would sit on the board of directors and direct the life of the league.

Thank you everyone for a wonderful season. I will see you out there!

Saturday, November 14 2009 08:05 am

Posted by Tom Adams...

Tom Adams All games are canceled for today and tomorrow. With another inch of rain expected, there is no chance. This has been the unluckiest season I have ever seen doing this kind of thing.

More to follow on rescheduling.

Friday, November 13 2009 08:04 pm

Rain Update -- Still On For Now
Posted by Tom Adams...

Tom Adams At this point, it looks like the rain we will be getting prior and during the games will be light. Whether or not we play will be determined based on the field conditions, not the actual rain. Based on discussions with the LCA field director, there is a good enough chance that we will play at least the 10am game. I will re-assess the overnight damage from 7-8a tomorrow and make the call around 8am.

Wednesday, November 11 2009 07:40 pm

Videotape of Playoff Games
Posted by Tom Adams...

Tom Adams Gabe Duran of the Arsenal Maulers has offered to video some of the playoffs and produce DVD's and highlights for players or teams that are interested. He is a videographer and editor for College Soccer Advantage. Any interested parties should contact him at to discuss pricing.

Saturday, November 7 2009 04:43 pm

Playoff Schedule Released!
Posted by Tom Adams...

Tom Adams Thank you everyone for a great, if wet, regular season. The final season Standings is now available. The playoff seeds are:

1. Middlesex United
2. Midnight Riders
3. Big Green
4. Minutemen FC
5. MIT
6. Arsenal Maulers

The playoff schedule is as follows:

10am: Big Green vs. The Arsenal Maulers
12pm: Minutemen FC vs. MIT

10am: Middlesex United vs. vs lower ranked winner of first round
12pm: Midnight Riders vs. vs higher ranked winner of first round

10am: 3rd Place Game
10am: 5th Place Game
12pm: Finals!

So, everyone has at least 2 more games remaining!. Even if you lose in the first two rounds, you will play in either the 3rd place game or the 5th place game on the 21st.

The winners on Saturday Nov 14 will play again the next day on Sunday, so be prepared. The time you play will be determined your relative playoff seed.

And yes there will be a spring season! You'll get more info about that as it develops.

Finally, the Media page includes more photos contributed by several players. Start looking here:

Tuesday, November 3 2009 12:10 pm

Schedule Update for this weekend
Posted by Tom Adams...

Tom Adams The new schedule for this weekend is:

10am: The Arsenal Maulers vs. Middlesex United
12pm: Midnight Riders vs. Minutemen FC (this was moved to noon)
12pm: Big Green vs. MIT
2pm: Minutemen FC vs. MIT (finalized)

Changes won't appear on the Scheduling or Team pages until later tonight.

Thanks for your patience!

Sunday, November 1 2009 10:19 am

Daylight Savings Time
Posted by Tom Adams...

Tom Adams Don't forget about daylight savings tonight!!!

Although it rained last night, the fields are still in good enough shape to play. See you there!

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