Date: 2017-06-11
Time: 12:00:00
Field: Danehy - Field 3
Center Referee: ____________________
1st Assistant: ____________________
2nd Assistant: ____________________
Maroon 11
Captain: Seth Harmon
FC Shawmut
Captain: Eric H Fournier
Adam Balbi                                   
Brian Ing                                   
Dan Gasperini                                   
H-Soba Vincent                                    
James Chiang                                   
Mike Oldcorn                                   
Phil Welsh                                   
Tait Mancosky                                   
0Brian Chin                                   
3Nick Ludwig                                   
4Rob Mahoney                                   
5Seth Harmon                                   
6Matteo Ramos-Mucci                                   
7Jake Wagmeister                                   
8Lisa Tarquinio                                   
12Chris Sullivan-Trainor                                   
13Josh Wildey                                   
14Chris Lim                                   
15Gregory Duguies                                   
16Terry Bartrug                                   
17Tristan Back                                   
22Max Izotov                                   
27Sho Stomski                                   
28Jack Demers                                   
Adrian Van Seventer                                   
Alexander Nuttle                                   
Allyson Alves Carvalho                                   
Brian Henry                                   
Connor Hilbie                                   
Douglas McLaughlin                                   
Jackson Davis                                   
Jacob Rowley                                   
Jon Butler                                   
Nash Townsend                                    
Niklas Tower                                   
Phil Moser                                   
Raj Nair                                   
Robert Alexander                                   
Ryan Joyce                                   
Stephane Dumont                                   
Timothy Kozen                                   
Tom Drisdell                                   
Victor Shapira                                   
Yoei Toensing                                   
0Clyde Bango                                   
0Eric H Fournier                                   
0Sam Preston                                    

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