Date: 2017-06-03
Time: 12:00:00
Field: Winsor - Field 11
Center Referee: ____________________
1st Assistant: ____________________
2nd Assistant: ____________________
French Connection
Captain: Fred Bozec 781-854-8272
Silver Bullet FC
Captain: Eric Fournie 617-833-0288
Ahmed Gassi                                   
Anthony Leyme                                   
Chris Desrosiers                                   
Christian Mukala                                   
Dorochild Chery                                   
Henri Vallet                                   
Jeremy Farmer                                   
Joel Dungan                                   
Nicolas Dioli                                   
Paul Sawyer                                   
Pierre Dyer                                   
Pierre Pellan                                   
Pierre-Louis Maurin                                   
Renaud Baguena                                   
Vincent Pons                                   
Zouh Benssayeh                                   
0Jean-BenoĆ®t Cariou                                   
0Patrick Utshinga                                   
0Raphael de Roubin                                   
1Brendan Mc Meel                                   
5David Veysset                                   
8Seb Gelas                                   
9Ilya Hasnaoui                                   
10Theo Leclerc                                   
11Soufiane Hasnaoui                                   
14Benoit Tricot                                   
21Paul Sammons                                   
35Fred Bozec                                   
69Colman Kerner                                   
Adam Sullivan                                   
Andres Herrera                                   
Andrew Jenkins                                   
Clemens Tauber                                   
Cody Sedler                                   
Corey OConnor                                   
David Connolly                                   
David Moering                                   
Eddie Dennis                                   
Eric Fournie                                   
Guillaume kugener                                   
Ian Mathews                                   
Jack Neil                                   
Marcel Rodgers                                   
Marcell Strain                                   
Matthew Farrell                                   
Matthew Villanyi                                   
Michael Centariczki                                   
Nicolas Snyder                                   
Pramish Jung Thapa                                   
Ramiro Henriquez                                   
Ryan Collins                                   
Zachary Chapman                                   

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