Date: 2017-05-20
Time: 11:00:00
Field: Winsor - Field 2
Center Referee: ____________________
1st Assistant: ____________________
2nd Assistant: ____________________
Boston Villa FC
Captain: Wendyam Emerson
Silver Bullet FC
Captain: Eric Fournie 617-833-0288
Ahmad Taqi                                   
Andrew Takao                                   
Dramane Camara                                   
Eddy Martinez Pazzi                                   
Jason Tucker - Schwartz                                   
Jesse Mahler                                   
John Fox                                   
Kyle Carr                                   
Max Severino                                   
Nic Jansson                                   
Philip Johnson                                   
Rabah Douadi                                   
Raul Cueva                                   
Ryan Jiha                                   
Spencer Scott                                   
Terry Marshall                                   
0Adnan Plumber                                   
0Alexander Dick                                   
0Amadou Mbaye                                   
0Casey O'Connor                                   
0Loren Gjata                                   
0Marcos Justine                                   
0Miguel Linares                                   
0Mike Marchesi                                   
0Nghi -Andy- Doan                                   
0Patrick Brown                                   
0Rob Freeman                                   
17Wendyam Emerson                                   
Adam Sullivan                                   
Andres Herrera                                   
Andrew Jenkins                                   
Clemens Tauber                                   
Cody Sedler                                   
Corey OConnor                                   
David Connolly                                   
David Moering                                   
Eddie Dennis                                   
Eric Fournie                                   
Guillaume kugener                                   
Ian Mathews                                   
Jack Neil                                   
Marcel Rodgers                                   
Marcell Strain                                   
Matthew Farrell                                   
Matthew Villanyi                                   
Michael Centariczki                                   
Nicolas Snyder                                   
Pramish Jung Thapa                                   
Ramiro Henriquez                                   
Ryan Collins                                   
Zachary Chapman                                   

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