Date: 2017-04-22
Time: 10:00:00
Field: Medford HS
Center Referee: ____________________
1st Assistant: ____________________
2nd Assistant: ____________________
Cambridge FC
Captain: Dylan Taft
Maroon 11
Captain: Chris Lim 732-598-4313
Adam ?                                   
Alex Trepler                                   
Brady Culbreth                                   
Dio Alves                                   
Duncan Maxwell                                   
Luke ?                                   
Mark Foster                                   
Michael Basham                                   
Morgan Pepper                                   
Sam Madden                                   
Terry Henderson                                   
Will Ahmed                                   
0Connor Bell                                   
0James Ondaatje                                   
2Neil Miller                                   
5Uri Marish                                   
6Joe DiNardo                                   
7William Henry                                   
8Armon Sharei                                   
12John Thompson                                   
14Dylan Taft                                   
15Harry R Barker                                   
16Bjorn Knutson                                   
21Simon Ginet                                   
22Jose Alves                                   
24Jonathan Gilbert                                   
26Gareth willis                                   
Adam Balbi                                   
James Chiang                                   
Mike Oldcorn                                   
0Brian Chin                                   
3Nick Ludwig                                   
4Rob Mahoney                                   
5Seth Harmon                                   
6Matteo Ramos-Mucci                                   
7Jake Wagmeister                                   
8Lisa Tarquinio                                   
9Andrew Kirsten                                   
10Jose Manuel Egui                                   
12Chris Sullivan-Trainor                                   
13Josh Wildey                                   
14Chris Lim                                   
15Gregory Duguies                                   
16Terry Bartrug                                   
17Tristan Back                                   
22Max Izotov                                   
23Vinay Kartha                                   
27Sho Stomski                                   
28Jack Demers                                   

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