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Use this form if you are not forming a team, but would like to be placed on the "Free Agents" list so you can be drafted to a team. If you are a part of a small group that would like to be placed on a team together, please include all pertinent information. Note that by choosing to be placed as a group, you will not be eligible to be "drafted" by captains forming teams unless the group is drafted as a whole. (No payment is due until you are on a team).

If you have questions, please contact us at president(at)

Basic Information
Name*Phone*EmailJersey SizeRegionPositions
* Means a required field. For Region, indicate what part of the Boston area you live. This is optional. For Positions, you may indicate any positions you are particularly suited for. HINT: Keepers are ALWAYS are in demand!

Security Question: please sum today's date ( December 14th, 2009 would be 12 + 14 + 2009 = 2035 )

Note: This information will appear on the Free Agents List.

OR see a List of Current Free Agents already signed up.


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