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Frequently Asked Questions

If you are a new player or team captain, definitely read these!

What is the Casa Soccer League of Boston?
Casa is a not-for-profit amateur soccer league for adults in the Boston area. We play 11v11, 90 minute games, with unlimited substitutions, and use certified referees (two or three man system). We're all about great fun and good competition rolled into one. We are in our fourth season, with ambitions to grow through grass roots effort. We play Spring, Summer, and Fall seasons. There is nothing better for adults in the Boston area than Casa!

Who Runs Casa?
Casa is run by dedicated volunteers, working hard just to give you a great place to play! We have 7 who have various duties and help in many ways. This is a not-for-profit league (we will be seeking 501c3 status with the IRS) and we keep payments as low as possible to maximize participation and enjoyment. If you are interested in lending a hand in any way, on the board or otherwise, please let us know!

Where will we play?
The Spring 2011 season will be primarily played at the Windsor School Field located in the Longwood Medical area of Boston. It is a newly created artificial turf field and easily accessible by public transportation. Our secondary location is the Clarke School in Lexington. (See link fr directions). This is a natural grass field in good condition. The Fall 2011 season will take place at the Lexington Christian Academy. See link for directions. This is a natural grass field in good condition.

What level of competition?
Casa is for competitive amateurs. In general, this means anyone who used to play in college or high school, or can fool people into thinking they used to. This is not a league for people playing soccer for the first time.

Age Limit?
For insurance reasons, you must be 18 years of age or older.

How do I fix the stats? Someone got credit for my goal!
Ask your captain to log into the Manage Team section. Direct him or her to the Team Stats function, choose the appropriate game, and make the change.

What's that little green arrow in the Stats?
That's an assist. I can't think of anything better, so please send me a better 10x10 image!
Note that only your captain assigns them if desired. The refs don't keep track of those, only goals and cards.

What's the season format?
Currently, nine regular season games, plus two playoff games. The playoffs will be seeded. There will be a championship series and toilet bowl series. Each team will have at least two post-season matches.

Registration info…

  • How do I register my team?
    Online registration begins about a month before each season. (Spring registration is currently in progress and Fall registration opens in August).
  • How many do I need to register?
    A team needs a minimum of 15 players to register. Team captains can add more after they register, and also throughout the season, using the Manage Team function. I recommend teams of 20 to avoid forfeits, but if you have it together, 16-18 is about right.

  • How do I draft a free agent?
    Once you register, team captains can log in to the Manage Team function, select people from the list, and hit the button. Automated emails will be sent to you and that player, asking for confirmation. I strongly suggest you contact that person first before assuming that they are available or not committed to another team already!

  • Can I delete a player?
    Yes, in the Manage Team function. It sends a request to the president, with a reason for the deletion, who must approve it. (Mostly, this is to prevent database errors, otherwise everything gets approved).

  • What does it mean to retire a player?
    They leave your active roster, but stay on your team. You can re-activate them later. This is great to use for frequent guest players or reserve players.

  • Can I play on two teams?
    No. You can guest play all you want within the guidelines in the League Rules but you can register with only one team.

  • I want to play on a team. What do I do?
    First, see Free Agent Signup. Once you sign up, wait. One thing you can do is try to contact captains (See Teams) and see who needs players. I'd also strongly suggest coming out to one of our game days with your gear and asking teams if they need any players for their game. (You can't do this during the playoffs, but definitely do it during the regular season). Many teams are often short on players and it's a great way to get plugged into the network. Also, post to the Player Recruiting thread in the Discussion Forum (coming soon).

  • Do I have to pay even if I don't get on a team?
    No, you only pay if you get on a team.

  • What are my chances of actually getting on a team?
    If you sign up before the deadline, they are excellent. Your best bet is to post a message in the Discussion Forum (coming soon) saying you are looking for a team, and talk about your skills and experience as a player. If there are tons of free agents, take charge and form your own team out of them!

  • How much is it per player?
    It's up to your team captain. Prices will vary based on jersey costs and number of players. But basically, you just divide the total owed by the number of players.

  • How do I pay?
    Team captains should collect the money and send a check to the address currently listed at the bottom of the Contact section. We do not have a credit card system at this time.

  • Do we need jerseys? Where do I get them?
    We require all teams to have numbered shirts. It can be fancy, it can be a cheap t-shirt, it doesn't matter. I have been recommending Score Sports ( If you contact us in time, you may be able to get on a bulk-order deal. To avoid problems with colors, please look at the Jersey colors for teams already in the league prior to ordering your shirts.

  • Captains' Meeting?
    We handle most of everything by email, but we anticipate having a Captain's conference call prior to the start of the season. in the mean time, please feel free to contact us with questions.

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