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Casa is a not-for-profit competitive amateur soccer league for adults in the Boston area run by dedicated volunteers.

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Monday, August 20 2018 08:45 pm

Week 2 Schedule Posted
Posted by Casa Soccer League of Boston...

Casa Soccer League of Boston The schedule for Week 2 (August 25/26) is now posted on the website under the "Schedule" section.

There are no games the following weekend, Labor Day weekend. There are also no games on Columbus Day weekend.

We hope to have the full season schedule out soon.

Thursday, August 9 2018 11:49 pm

Week 1 Schedule (Saturday August 18 and Sunday August 19)
Posted by Casa Soccer League of Boston...

Casa Soccer League of Boston 18-Aug-18 9:00 Winsor - Field 1 LaVino vs FC Dortmund

18-Aug-18 9:00 Winsor - Field 2 Dynamo Boston vs Suffolk Hotspur

18-Aug-18 11:00 Winsor - Field 1 Gambeta FC vs Athletico Libertadores

18-Aug-18 11:00 Winsor - Field 2 Maroon 11 vs French Connection

18-Aug-18 13:00 Winsor - Field 1 FC Avalon vs Boston Villa FC

18-Aug-18 13:00 Winsor - Field 2 ISL FC vs Boston City FC

18-Aug-18 15:00 Winsor - Field 1 DaBlues FC vs New England Athletic

18-Aug-18 12:00 Danehy - Field 3 BosBaka FC vs Silver Bullet FC

18-Aug-18 12:00 Danehy - Field 1 Chupacabras vs Cambridge FC

18-Aug-18 14:00 Danehy - Field 3 Takata City vs FC Shawmut

18-Aug-18 14:00 Downes Frango vs Sporting de Minabo

18-Aug-18 16:00 Downes Young Beantown vs International Love

SUNDAY 08/19

19-Aug-18 10:00 Downes Boca Jrs FC vs FC Shogun

19-Aug-18 12:00 Downes Longwood United vs FC BKP

19-Aug-18 12:00 Danehy - Field 3 Arsenal vs FC Davis

Thursday, August 9 2018 11:46 pm

Free Agents Needed!
Posted by Casa Soccer League of Boston...

Casa Soccer League of Boston Casa Soccer League of Boston is excited to announce the start of the Fall 2018 season next weekend (August 18/19). We have several teams in need of Free Agents. If you are interested in joining a team this Fall, please email us ASAP at:

Or you can also sign up on our website as a Free Agent. See tab above.

Saturday, August 4 2018 01:09 pm

Charity Tournement is ON Today! A few extra individual players welcome...
Posted by Casa Soccer League of Boston...

Casa Soccer League of Boston The 7 v 7 Charity Tournament is still ON! We will only cancel if the refs at game time deem it unsafe due to lightening. So far, just rain. If anything changes, an announcement will be sent to team captains and posted on here as well.

We do have a couple of spots still open for any interested individuals looking to play some soccer today. It is finally a little cooler out, and the perfect time to play some soccer and support a great charity! Cost is $23 for today, or $45 for both today and next Saturday (6 games total guaranteed).

Email ASAP if interested:


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