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Casa is a not-for-profit competitive amateur soccer league for adults in the Boston area run by dedicated volunteers.

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Monday, March 27 2017 03:25 pm

April Schedule
Posted by Casa Soccer League of Boston...

Casa Soccer League of Boston Here is the schedule for April. It will be added to the "Schedule" section of the website soon. Full season schedule up as soon as possible.

Season starts in 2 weeks!

4/8/17 8:00 Winsor - Field 1 Academica Boston Sidekicks

4/8/17 9:00 Winsor - Field 2 LaVino Boston Villa

4/8/17 11:00 Winsor - Field 2 Los Sin Verguenzas French Connection

4/8/17 13:00 Winsor - Field 2 Chupacabras International Love

4/8/17 14:30 Winsor - Field 1 Longwood FC Davis

4/8/17 15:00 Winsor - Field 2 Suffolk Hotspur Silver Bullet

4/8/17 16:30 Winsor - Field 1 Boston City Maroon 11

4/8/17 17:00 Winsor - Field 2 Shawmut K-Wolves

4/8/17 14:00 Danehy BosBaka FC N.E Athletic FC

4/8/17 16:00 Danehy BKP Arsenal

4/8/17 12:00 Medford - Hormel DaBlues Shamrock

4/8/17 14:00 Medford - Hormel FC Dortmund Shogun

9-Apr-17 TBD Danehy Sporting de Minabo Cambridge FC


15-Apr-17 8:00 Winsor - Field 1 FC Dortmund Longwood

15-Apr-17 9:00 Winsor - Field 2 Boston City Academica Boston

15-Apr-17 10:00 Winsor - Field 1 FC BKP FC Davis

15-Apr-17 11:00 Winsor - Field 2 Suffolk Hotspur Boston Villa

15-Apr-17 12:00 Winsor - Field 1 Los Sin Verguenzas Chupacabras FC

15-Apr-17 13:00 Winsor - Field 2 Cambridge FC Shamrock

15-Apr-17 15:00 Winsor - Field 2 Shawmut Shogun

15-Apr-17 17:00 Winsor - Field 1 Sporting de Minabo Shamrock

15-Apr-17 17:00 Winsor - Field 2 Silver Bullet NE Athletic

15-Apr-17 14:00 Danehy BosBaka FC International Love

15-Apr-17 14:00 Danehy DaBlues Maroon 11

16-Apr-17 10:00 Winsor - Field 2 LaVino French Connection

16-Apr-17 TBD Danehy Arsenal K-Wolves


22-Apr-17 8:00 Winsor - Field 2 Sporting de Minabo Academica Boston

22-Apr-17 10:00 Winsor - Field 2 Suffolk Hotspur French Connection

22-Apr-17 12:00 Winsor - Field 2 Los Sin Verguenzas LaVino

22-Apr-17 14:00 Winsor - Field 2 Shamrock Sidekicks

22-Apr-17 14:30 Winsor - Field 1 NE Athletic Boston Villa

22-Apr-17 16:00 Winsor - Field 2 Boston City DaBlues

22-Apr-17 16:30 Winsor - Field 1 BKP Longwood

22-Apr-17 18:30 Winsor - Field 1 K-Wolves FC Davis

22-Apr-17 10:00 Medford HS Cambridge FC Maroon 11

22-Apr-17 12:00 Medford HS FC Dortmund FC Shawmut

22-Apr-17 16:00 Danehy BosBaka Chupacabras FC

22-Apr-17 16:00 Danehy Arsenal Shogun

23-Apr-17 TBD Danehy Silver Bullet International Love


29-Apr-17 8:00 Winsor - Field 1 Shamrock Academica Boston

29-Apr-17 9:00 Winsor - Field 2 Sidekicks Maroon 11

29-Apr-17 10:00 Winsor - Field 1 Cambridge FC DaBlues

29-Apr-17 11:00 Winsor - Field 2 Suffolk LaVino

29-Apr-17 12:00 Winsor - Field 1 Silver Bullet FC Chuapcabras FC

29-Apr-17 13:00 Winsor - Field 2 FC Davis Shogun

29-Apr-17 14:00 Winsor - Field 1 Boston Villa International Love

29-Apr-17 15:00 Winsor - Field 2 Arsenal Shawmut

29-Apr-17 16:00 Winsor - Field 1 K-Wolves Longwood 29-Apr-17 29-Apr-17 14:00 Danehy Boston City FC Sporting de Minabo

29-Apr-17 16:00 Danehy New England Athetlic French Connection

30-Apr-17 TBD Danehy Los Sin BosBaka

30-Apr-17 9:30 Winsor - Field 2 FC Dortmund BKP

Sunday, March 19 2017 01:11 pm

Spring Season Starts April 8/9!
Posted by Casa Soccer League of Boston...

Casa Soccer League of Boston The Spring Season starts April 8/9...just around the corner! We are up to 26 (!!!) teams, up from 22 in the Fall 2016 season.

We hope everyone is as excited as we are for a fantastic season!

Tuesday, March 7 2017 11:23 am

Free Agents Needed!
Posted by Casa Soccer League of Boston...

Casa Soccer League of Boston Casa Soccer League of Boston is currently accepting applications for Free Agents (those individuals looking to join a team) for our Spring 2017 season! We start April 8/9, and run through early July.

Games are on Saturdays (one or two Sundays possible) on turf and T accessible fields in Boston area. Games are 90 minutes long with 3 certified officials.

Individuals should sign up on our website under "Free Agent Signup"

Tuesday, December 27 2016 11:16 am

Accepting New Teams for Spring 2017!
Posted by Casa Soccer League of Boston...

Casa Soccer League of Boston Casa Soccer League of Boston is accepting applications for teams for the Spring 2017 season!

All teams will get a 9 game regular season, plus at least 1 guaranteed playoff game (total of 10 games). All games are on turf fields and are 90 minutes with 3 certified officials. Most games will be at Winsor in Boston, with a few games in Cambridge, and/or Brookline.

The season will likely start in mid/late April (depending on weather and when fields open.

If you have a team interested in joining the league, or are willing to put together and captain a team of Free Agents (we have a lot of them) please let us know! Send an email to:

We also encourage you to fill out a application under the "Register Team" tab at the top of the page.

Individuals looking to join a team should sign up as a Free Agent under the "Free Agent Signup". We will have a Free Agent Scrimmage in early/mid April.


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